Monthly Archives: October 2014

Helpful Hints for Email Management

Make the most of your subject line.  When arranging meetings, include the date and time as an easy reminder for participants and include include tags such as URGENT, ACTION REQUIRED, and INFORM.

Be careful what standards your email habits will set for you.  If you send emails at night or on weekends, people will expect you to be working then.  If you respond within minutes of receiving an email (other than urgent ones), people will expect instant replies all the time.

Arrange your schedule so that you have 5 or 10 minutes every hour or two to check email or text messages, so you can leave it alone when you are in meetings or working on things that require your full attention.

To help you with your willpower, turn off your smartphone (or turn off the notifications) when you are working so you are not constantly tempted to see who has emailed or texted you.  Minimize your email page on your computer and turn off the notifications.

If you want to work on the weekends (or evenings), save your emails as drafts, but don’t actually send them until Monday (or the next morning) unless they are urgent.